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Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully as the bookings are subject to the T&C mentioned. Passengers (either booking for themselves or for other passengers) accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Refunds of Deposits & Tickets:

•All the deposit paid to book a flight and to hold a reservation could be refunded within 24hr time span after you reserve with Sufi travel & tours ltd.

• The deposit per passenger is £75. If the passenger due to any reason cancels the reservation after 24hrs of booking or fails to pay the remaining balance prior to the payment due date would be charged £75 service charge applicable on each passenger.

• The refunds of the tickets solely rely on the airline itself. Some tickets are refundable but not all of them. Sufi Travel and tours serves as a bridge between the airline and the passegers only. It is subject to the terms and conditions of the airlines which could be confirmed by the concerned agent before booking/issuing a ticket.

• Refunds revolving around any change in the timing of the flight, Sufi travels and tours could request on your behalf to the airline but ultimately the airline holds the right to proceed the passengers refund.

Changes in the flight after issuance:

• Every airline has its own policies and charge differently. Incase a passenger is a no show (fail to attend the flight), non-suitability of the timings, changes in the departure airport or destination airport or Re-routing the airline charges. Penalties could be directed from the airlines as per their case. If incase passengers are not sure they must confirm those charges from the relevant agent to eliminate every chance of misconception.

• The tickets once issued are non-transferrable to any other person.

• Several confirmations are obtained from the passengers before the issuance in written and verbal forms regarding the flight and all the details ever provided to eradicate any mistakes in the name spellings or the flight details.

• It is the passengers responsibiity to ascertain all the details are correct i.e. traveler names (are same as showing on passport/travel docs), travelling dates, Transit Time, Origin & Destination, Baggage Allowance and other flight information.

Passport, Visa & Immigration

• Sufi travel and tours Ltd retails airline tickets only. The passenger is responsible to carry all the required travel documents which coud be a transit Visa and different immigration necessities. I fyou are not allowed entrance to any airport due to not recommended or uneligible travel documents you are solely responsible for that. Before travelling make sure you confirm everything with your relevant embassy to prevent any unfortunate delay and misfortune.

Special Requests and Medical issues

• If you have any special requests like meal preference, Seat Allocation, wheel chair request for the disabled, extra room etc. you must let us know on the soonest note. Due to different policies of different airlines sometimes it could be charged and sometimes not. Please make sure these requests are put forward at the time of booking as it is subject to first come first serve basis and the airlies aid to limited passengers only due to the non-availability at the peak time.

Price Guarantee

• The price is always guaranteed once booked. However, if the airline induces any change in price or due to a change in the taxes Sufi travel and tours Ltd is not to be held liable for ay claims. The price is guaranteed but could be changed if the passengers fails to comply with the conditions set by the airline including payment due date.


• The Company powerfully advocates that the passenger has an insurance from an insurance issuing agency. Any counselling required is provided hereby.

If the airline fails to operate, Sufi travel and tours ltd. does not hold any right to entertain any claims or accomodations. The tickets provided are ATOL protected and under the security of the civil aviaton. Incase an airline fails to operate the Civil Aviation Authority is responsible to cover losses for the passenger.